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places around the world that are occupied by creatures.

 What's Happening? I saw this trend on TikTok and got really interested so read about it, i decided to share this information because it is really cool. 1. Red Crabs, Christmas Island Every year red crabs immigrate at the end of the year across the Christmas island, it's a small island but for red crabs, it's not, it can have 40 to 50 million crabs per year and increases every year, people travel at this time to see a baby born crabs, they spawn and mate, and millions of eggs are made in front of the sea, the island is in Australia, as their immigration season is in October to December (Rainy Seasons), males lead the whole group as they dug their holes in the island to attract females, then after the mate, they go home and females start to lay eggs on beaches after the eggs are exposed to the seawater they hatch and go back to the island, as they live in the forest until they are fully mature, Australia these days created a rule to put sweepers on the cars to save more live
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5 Inventions that were done by Women!

 What's Happening?  Top inventions that were made by women changed the world, let's praise them! 1. Medical syringe to be honest, I never knew that who did the syringe and always had no information about women doing any inventions I don't know why but this invention was done by Letitia Geer and was done in 1899, as they did the syringe that required two hands to do the injections correctly without resulting any harm, so basically, she invented the syringe that required only one hand that all medical practices use it now! "Her syringe design includes a cylinder, piston rod, a handle, and nozzle. The piston rod had a U-shaped handle for easier grip. The handle was designed in a way to be reached even in extreme positions. The hook at the free end of the syringe prevented hands from slipping." As her syringe had a lot of benefits because it was cheap and can easily be used and done by only using one hand, as it's easy to use by any person, she died at the age of

5 things i do daily to keep going

 What's Happening? these tips I do to avoid getting depressed, so these things i always do daily to avoid getting stressed in any kind of way. 1. Praying I'm a Muslim so praying is one of the many things that I have to do daily, it gives me calmness throughout the day and reminds me that I am not alone in this life and always makes me feel peaceful during the morning, I ignore any kind of interaction with my phone especially in the morning because I wanna feel peaceful as much as I can and interacting wouldn't make me feel like that. 2. Drinking coffee. Drinking coffee in the morning is just awesome it gives me the energy to continue without naping, but i always drink after getting breakfast because without eating it can give me feeling dizzy because it increases my heart rate, if it's in winter I drink hot and if its summer I drink it cold. 3. Drinking Lemon water GUYS, it's a game-changer I swear, its so good for yall, and didn't know that my acne would be gon

Facts about Money Heist (La Casa De Papel)

 What's Happening? Here are some interesting facts about la casa de Papel that i never knew, i love this show so much so i decided to share this knowledge and share the most interesting facts about the show, go watch the show on Netflix season 4 is on. 1. Tokyo? The character Tokyo which is played by the beautiful actor (Úrsula Corberó) her name was got from a simple weird item that the crew never knew they will get it from, as you all know that this series is amazing and very popular these days as the creator of the show Alex Pina came one day to the work and didn't know that she wore a shirt the literally inspired her colleague Jesus Colmena as she simply chose a shirt with the name Tokyo in it. 2. No script? Most known series all around the world are written before the first episode begin, sometimes mid-series it changes but not with this series, every time writers sit together and discuss what is coming in the next episodes which truly is awesome but scary at the same time

Myths that got debunked pt3

 What's Happening? i dunnow why i put this picture, just don't ask 1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. So, it's a saying that every parent says to his children, and the child grows up saying his to his own child, so lets state some facts here people,yes eating an apple is very important, gives you most vitamins and nutrients that the body needs and will help provide long term health, but this will not keep the doctor away if any disease entered the body the apple won't help you in this case, go to the doctor and get your shot and checkup and in the same time eat your apples :) 2. Is milk actually important? This made my brain explode, literally. one of the things that our parents taught us is that milk makes our body stronger because it contains vitamin C and will help the growth of any child, the advertisements of any milk brand can target all different audiences from a child to an old man but apparently, The US Department of Agriculture tells adults to drink milk

the monster walking among us

 What's Happening? Issei Sagawa known as Pang or The Kobe Cannibal, he is a Japanese killer, cannibal and, necrophile, he was born in the early 1950s and said that he dreamt that one night he got boiled him and his brother to get eaten, he stated after this dream he was interested of what will happen if you are the other person like you are watching a person getting boiled and by the time he became obsessed by this idea of trying to eat another person. by the time he was in the first grade he stated that he looked at other classmates especially on their legs with his mouth-watering and wanting to eat a piece of their leg, for three decades he didn't do anything about this problem and didn't take a step and could resist the urge of this weird craving. but couldn't hold that urge anymore, in 1981 while he was in Tokoyo in the summer days he saw this woman that he wanted to eat and couldn't resist his urge anymore as he started to follow her until she made it to her ap

The story of the expressionless girl.

 What's Happening? Los Angeles in June 1972, nameless woman arrived in the hospital which is called Cedar Senai, a girl with a white dress as all her white dress was covered in blood which made all head turns looking at this girl, which the problem is that that's not the reason that made all heads turn, its a hospital so it's common to see that, but the main reason was her face. her face was expressionless, she didn't have any reaction on her face, is she hurt or is she happy or what? people say that she was like a mannequin but can walk and have clothes on, people describe her walk as even weirder and what terrified people more is that her mouth had cat leftovers also her teeth wasn't normal like other people, it was very sharp that looks like monsters teeth. Some people were terrified that they ran away when they saw this situation, it wasn't normal at all and was so scary, the woman had the leftovers fell out of her mouth and after a few seconds she falls as